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About the Knowledge Share category [Knowledge Share] (1)
We are Family - Families and their Role in Prevention and Treatment of Drug Use, Crime and Violence, Including the Prevention of Recruitment into Violent Extremist Groups [News] (1)
Respuesta comunitaria al inicio del tabaquismo en los primeros adolescentes indonesios [Research] (1)
Manual para el monitoreo y la evaluación científica de los tribunales de tratamiento de drogas en las Américas [Publications] (1)
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Effectiveness Bank Analysis: ‘No Effect’ from Targeting Child Drinking via the Parents [Research] (1)
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Enhanced Knowledge of Serbian Policymakers on the Nature, Prevention and Treatment of Drug Use Disorders [News] (1)
GDS 2019 — Key Findings Report [Publications] (1)
Posibles problemas por consumo de mariguana ( 2 ) [Research] (39)
Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction New Website [Resources] (1)
Álcool e idosos | Sociedade Internacional de Profissionais de Uso de Substâncias [Publications] (1)
Does Occupational Distress Raise the Risk of Alcohol Use, Binge-Eating, Ill Health and Sleep Problems among Medical Doctors? A UK Cross-Sectional Study [Research] (1)
Global Research Mapping of Substance Use Disorder and Treatment 1971–2017: Implications for Priority Setting [Research] (1)
Tratamiento de tabaquismo intenso después de un infarto agudo de miocardio [Research] (4)
Los adolescentes nativos americanos con mayor riesgo de abuso de sustancias [Research] (1)
Call for Evidence on Cannabis - Royal College of Psychiatrists [News] (1)
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Call for Applications at the International Institute for Youth Development PETRI - Sofia for 2 Positions of Fellow [News] (1)
Post-Doc Scholarship - Graduate Program in Psychology, Brazil [News] (1)
Pos-Doc Scholarship - Graduate Program in Psychology, Brazil [News] (1)
Relatório sobre o estado de saúde pública no Canadá 2018: impedir a utilização de substância problemático na juventude | Sociedade Internacional de Profissionais de Uso de Substâncias [Publications] (1)
El próximo paso hacia una vida mejor [Publications] (17)
Informe sobre el estado de salud pública en Canadá 2018: prevenir el uso problemático de sustancias en la juventud [Publications] (1)
Tobacco Infographics [Resources] (1)
Contemporary Asian Drug Policy: Insights and Opportunities for Change [Publications] (1)
Five-Year Global Plan of Action to Combat Emerging Synthetic Drug Threats [Publications] (1)
Etapas consumo de drogas, nivel medio de ensino - Guatemala | Sociedade Internacional de Profissionais de Uso de Substâncias [Publications] (1)
Un modelo de participación en la comunidad y fortalecimiento de capacidades en el paso antes de la implementación de mhGAP-IG en un país de ingresos bajos y medianos [Research] (1)
Problemas mentales, neurológicos y de uso de sustancias entre los refugiados en la atención primaria de salud [Research] (1)